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Team Working in the System Room

Enterprise systems such as ERP and CRM along with large data centric applications as business intelligence and data warehousing are not designed to share large flows of data. Adding data from remote system, external partners and value-added networks further complicates data flow architecture.

Middleware (e.g., Microsoft BizTalk Server, Dell Boomi) provide an enterprise solution to handle the increased data volumes and workflow to effectively handle

integration complexity between systems. 

Call Center Headset

Customer/Public Relationship Management (CRM) provides reduce costs and increase profitability by organizing and automating business processes for sale force, call centers, customer loyalty programs, marketing campaigns and managing customer field service.

Key Benefits

  • Strategic data management to organize and provide a new level of data accessibility from a wide variety of internal and external sources.

  • Better and more accurate decision-making capabilities due to the ability to integrate data from a variety of sources into a single reporting solution such as dashboards.

  • Improved support for multiple users throughout the organization to eliminate data discrepancies and contention.

  • Enhanced forecasting through the integration of both historical and planning data.

  • Scalable transactional capabilities to provide the ability to grow data centric solutions (e.g., ERP and Data Warehouse) as your needs grow.


Sales Force Automation

  • Lead and opportunity management

  • Account and contact management

  • Territory and sales quota management

  • Forecasting and sales analytics

  • Offline and mobile device access

  • Quick access to products, pricing, and quotes

Customer Service

  • Account and contact management

  • Case and interaction management

  • Incident routing and queuing

  • Product and contract management

  • Knowledge-base management

  • Service scheduling

  • Workflow across teams and groups

  • Service reporting and analytics


  • Customer segmentation

  • Campaign planning and execution

  • Data extraction and cleansing

  • Analytics and reporting

  • Marketing/sales collaboration tools

  • Information sharing portals

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