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Relationship Management

Hotline Consultant

Business and public organizations rely on relationships as a measure of success. We provide processes to build better relationships with customers, consumers and communities.

We move potential customers through the sales pipeline faster through complete visibility of activities, key contacts, and promotions.


Orders and issue resolution can be processed directly with ERP systems. Management of large communities and municipalities can be efficiently performed within budgets.

Key Goals

  • Build better understanding through a stronger relationship and touch points.

  • Strengthen customer loyalty through better customer experience.

  • Attract new customers and upsell current customers.

  • Win new clients and contracts.

  • Increase overall profitability.

  • Decrease customer management costs.

  • Improved financial visibility and regulatory compliance.

  • Improved quality of data through data integrity checks throughout the system.

  • Scalable system that can grow as your needs grow.

Areas of Expertise

Call Center Management

  • Order Management

  • Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMA)

  • Sales Support

  • Product Support

  • Field Service Management

  • Case Management

Sales Management

  • Prospecting and Discovery

  • Lead Qualification

  • Task Management

  • Sales/Marketing Workflow

  • Customer On-Boarding

  • CRP-ERP Integration

Loyalty Programs

  • Award/Points Management

  • Award/Points Redemption

  • Membership Management

Marketing Campaigns

  • Manufacturer-to-Store Campaign Integration

  • Campaign Setup and Tracking

  • Campaign Planned vs. Actual Visibility

Market Planning and Execution

  • Configuration of Market

  • Segmentation

  • Integration of Lists

  • Integration of Data Warehouse and BI

  • Segmentation Visibility Dashboard

  • Listening Platform Integration

  • Media Trend Monitoring

  • Micro Blogging Management

  • Client Buying Signal and Event Monitoring

  • Campaign Monitoring

Pricing and Trade Agreements

  • Promotion Workflows

  • Pricing (MSRP/ Discounts/ Commodity)

  • Trade Agreement Workflows

  • ERP Integration

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